Scar tissue treatment is a critical component of eliminating pain and optimizing physical performance. When you have an injury or surgery that creates a scar, the communication between the brain & and that region is altered. Even long after an injury or surgery, when the scar itself appears fully healed, the site of trauma is still sending faulty information to the brain. The brain responds accordingly by creating pain or dysfunction in muscles and joints.
For example (women often report that after a c-section), they never feel like they regain the ability to use their abdominals. They also complain of chronic low-back or hip pain, and the sensation of area around the scar is not normal.


After identifying and clearing the specific sources of faulty information in and around the scar, the client is instantly able to use the abdominal muscles again, and normal, pain-free movement is restored as well improvement of sensitivity due to acupuncture. Our techniques will reduce thickening in scars, improve their appearance and sensitivity around.


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