Today’s younger generation are being raised with mobile devices.  Though kids’ slouching has been an ongoing issue, kids today are developing terrible posture because of how they position their bodies while using these devices.  As they look into their device, they are usually hunched over with their shoulders rolled forward, and heads down.

Having the head bent forward – for a long time- can also produce ill effects.  Every 2.5 cm of forward head posture places an additional 4.5 kgs of pressure on the muscles and joints of the neck. Young people can be fully corrected because the bones are still growing (usually until the early 20’s).


The good news is that it can be corrected


At SHRC we show kids & teenagers what good posture is, and provide them with tools to maintain a good posture while carrying their bags, standing, sitting or sleeping get corrective exercises and muscle strengthening. When taught at a young age how to “stand up straight” it can virtually shape the way they carry themselves throughout life.


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